Tohoku Tomo Screening in New York

Tohoku Tomo Flyer

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As the world marks the fourth anniversary of The Great East Japan Earthquake (March 11, 2014), Chicago-based filmmaker Wesley Julian will share his documentary film, Tohoku Tomo (translated: “Friends of Tohoku”) to bring attention to the ongoing efforts to rebuild the Tohoku region of Japan, which was directly impacted by the disaster.

Julian, a graduate of Hampden-Sydney College, was in Japan on March 11, 2011 when the earthquake struck. Seeing the devastation first-hand and losing a close friend in the tsunami, he returned to the USA committed to helping bring attention to the ongoing needs in the areas devastated by the tsunami. In 2013, with funding raised from Kickstarter campaign, Julian and a small team traveled back to Japan to interview individuals and organizations that have been working in the Tohoku region since March 11.

The film includes over a dozen interviews, footage from the impacted areas, and features J-Pop artist Maynard Plant from the band Monkey Majik; Stu Levy, producer of the film Pray for Japan; and host of Tokyofoodcast, Etsuko Nakamura. Tohoku Tomo is a story of true friendship and commitment to Japan’s recovery by the international community following The Great East Japan Earthquake.

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