Japanese Language Resources

Japan Society’s Toyota Language Center

The Japan Society offers 12 levels of Japanese language ability, three levels of Kanji, two levels of advanced reading and speaking & listening, as well as business Japanese in the summer. Placement is based on an interview (usually by phone). You can get information and schedules for the classes online at www.japansociety.org.

For more information call Japan Society Toyota Language Center at 212-715-1256 or 212-715-1273, or e-mail them at language@japansociety.org. Tuition for the 18-hour course is $240, and for a 37-hour course is $430 for non-members. A $60 membership to the Society gets you discounts to the classes. Classes meet once or twice a week.

Tenri Institute

The Tenri Institute’s school for Japanese Language, located in Greenwich Village, offers six levels of Japanese language. Children’s courses are also offered. Placement is based on an evaluation interview or a test. You can get schedules and more information at www.tenri.org/schedule.html. Or by phone at 212-645-2800. Classes meet once or twice a week- weekend classes are available. The fee is $215 for 14 hours of classes, discounts are available if you register for more than one session.


Zipangu is a grassroots Japanese cultural organization. They are starting to offer Japanese language classes this fall. Each class
will begin with a short presentation on Japanese culture and society in English for cultural exchange purpose. Classes meet every Monday from September 16 through November 18 for one hour. They have an $80 fee for all ten sessions. Look at www.ezipangu.com or email info@zipangu.com for more details.

Nichi-Bei Toastmaster Club

Communication skills and leadership are key to a successful career development. Toastmasters is a non-profit organization to help people around the world grow those skills.

In Nichi-Bei Toastmasters, members practice presentations in English and Japanese in a friendly atmosphere, while growing leadership skills through organizing practice meetings and giving constructive
feedback.  Open to any level of Japanese speakers.

For more info, please check: http://www.yahoogroups.com/group/nichibei-toastmasters,
or email nichibeitm@yahoo.com.  Feel free to visit and chat with the members.  Guests are always welcome.

For Toastmasters programs and tips for growing presentation skills, check out www.toastmasters.org

Berlitz Language Center

For more information please call 212-765-1001 or Fax: 212-307-5336. Tuition and classes are individually structured so please contact them for more details.

JETAANY Japanese Class for JETs
(not currently offered)

This class is offered at an intermediate level at a very low cost for JET Alumni. It is held in Manhattan at the JLGC office two to four times a month (depending on holiday schedules). The class offers practice for people who have experience living in Japan and don’t want to forget their Japanese language skills. We focus on speaking, listening, reading and writing. Look at our website or email president@jetaany.org for more information.

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