National Conference

Ticket Packages:

Dear Delegates,

We are excited to host you in NYC next weekend for the 2010 JETAA USA National Conference! Here are the final pieces of information you have been waiting for – please read it carefully as there are several action items. If you have any questions please email me ( right away. For complete information visit

1. What to Bring
– Business casual attire for the Conference / Comfortable walking shoes if sightseeing after
– $10 Cash to purchase your NY Subway Card at the JETAANY Welcome Desk at the Helmsley (details below)
– Any items or information we have asked you to think about or prepare in advance
– A good attitude and all of your energy

2. Pre-Reading and Preparation
In the next few days you will receive information regarding JETAA on the Chopping Block and the organized alumni response that is under way. Please read these items carefully and think about ways that your chapter can and has contributed to these efforts.

3. Getting There
By now all transportation to NYC should be booked. Once you arrive at your airport or train station, please follow the guidance below for the best way to get to the hotel
Option 1: NYAS ~ New York Airport Service 718-875-8200 (Departs every 20-30min)
JFK Cost: $15 one-way; $27 Round Trip (1hr+)
LGA Cost: $12 one-way; $21 round trip (35min+)
Coach USA
EWR Cost: $15 one-way; $25 round trip (1hr+)
Pick up: Baggage claim/ground transportation area
Drop off: 125 Park Avenue btwn 41st. & 42nd St (3 blocks from hotel)
Option 2: Taxi (keep in min rush our traffic increases time and fare)
JFK $45 flat fare (plus tolls & tip); 45min+
LGA $30+ fare (plus tolls & tip); 35min+
EWR $50-$75; 45 min +
PENN: $10+;15min+
More options at
Contact Monica Yuki

4. Hotel Check-in and Conference Registration Info
The New York Helmsley – 212 East 42nd Street- New York, NY 10017
When you arrive at the hotel on Thursday August 12th, please check in as you normally would at the front desk. You will be required to provide a credit card for incidental charges. Your room charge will be covered in advance, BUT YOU WILL BE RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY ADDITIONAL CHARGES INCURRED TO THE ROOM.

NEXT, please register at the JETAANY Welcome Desk between 3pm and 6pm**. At the registration desk you will do the following:
– Register with our hospitality committee
– Receive the conference handbook, detailing the schedule for the weekend
– Pick up your gift bag, including NYC maps and info
– Pay for and receive your NY subway card. PLEASE BRING $10 CASH TO PAY FOR THIS CARD. You will also receive a receipt that you can use to get reimbursed by your Chapter GiA funding. You will need the subway card to travel between the events occurring throughout the weekend. If you lose your receipt, you will not be able to be reimbursed by your chapter GiA. If you lose the subway card you will need to purchase another one at a subway station.

**If you are arriving at the hotel after 6pm you can register first thing Friday morning.

5. Optional Events
We are glad that many of you are joining our optional events. In order to secure your place, we require that you purchase your tickets in advance via the following link:
Note that there are three ticket options, depending on the events you plan to attend. If you do not pay in advance, your spot will be opened up to the general JETAANY membership so that we can meet the minimum required number of people at each event. Please be advised that JETAANY has a large and active membership and the events will fill up very quickly, so we encourage you to make payment as soon as possible!

6. Conference Schedule
A detailed Conference Itinerary is currently being finalized. and will be available in the Conference Handbook However the basic outline was previously emailed to everyone and is noted below.

Thursday 8/12
7:00pm (MEET IN LOBBY AT 6:30PM): Welcome Reception and Sake Tasting at Bao Noodles. Restaurant owned by JET Alumni and Sake Sommelier Chris Johnson. Subsidized by JETAANY. (Optional but encouraged, $20)

Friday 8/13
7am – 9am: Breakfast (Free for hotel guests)
9am – 5pm: Conference Sessions (Mandatory)
6:00pm: Ambassador’s Reception at Ambassador’s Residence (Mandatory, Free)
8:00pm: Sake with the Haiku Geisha play reading. Written and directed by JET Alumni Randall David Cook. Produced by JETAANY and MoFA. (Optional but recommended, $5 in advance, $10 at the door)

Saturday 8/14
7am – 9am: Breakfast (Free for hotel guests)
9am – 5pm: Conference Sessions (Mandatory)
6:00pm: CLAIR Reception – River Boat Cruise (Mandatory, Free)

Sunday 8/15
7am – 9am: Breakfast (Free for hotel guests)
9am – 12pm: Conference Sessions (Mandatory)
Optional afternoon activities