How To Post to JETAANY uses the WordPress blogging system to post events, news, and other relevant information. Everything posted to the website, Other Japan-related events forum, and jobs forum is automatically added to the announcements.

Trusted members of are able to post to This keeps the community robust, diverse, and active. The website is moderated by the Webmaster and Secretary who approve what content gets posted.

What can I post?

Posts must be related specifically to JETAANY. If this is a Japan-related event you are not involved with, please post to the Other Japan-related events forum. If this is a job, please post to the Jobs forum.

Examples of acceptable posts:

  • Official JETAANY events that do not require a PayPal Link (ie: Book Club, Happy Hour, etc)
  • If you’re unsure, please email for more information

Posting to JETAANY

Please click on images to enlarge.

Step 1: Scroll down to the bottom of home page and register (or login if you already have a login) See image A & B.

(Image A) Step 1: Register or Login

(image B) The login screen.

Step 2: After you register, email or requesting “Author” status. This will allow you to post your own events/news to as long as they do NOT require a PayPal link. For posts requiring a PayPal link, please send your post directly to

Step 3: Go to Dashboard and “Add New Post” or use the “Quick Post” box. This can be accessed right after you login, or at any time while browsing the website by mousing over the blue “W” in the upper left hand corner. See image C & D.

(Image C) Step 3: Adding a new post. There are three places to choose from.

(Image D) You can also mouse over the blue W from any page on as long as you are logged in.

Step 4: Create your post! See image E.

  • TITLE: Like writing an email, keep your title short, snappy, and eye-catching. This is what draws readers to your entry.
  • BODY: The first 100 characters get displayed on the main page, so use this time to summarize and draw people to the main entry.
  • CATEGORIES: Select a Category for your post. If you are unsure, press “Uncategorized” and the Secretary will judge for him/herself. (To select the “events” category, see “How to Add Events” below)
  • FEATURED IMAGE: If you have a special one you want to use, upload one. Or, feel free to browse the Media Library for some generic images.

Please see below for more details on how to insert images and featured images.

Step 5: Press Publish! Hurray, it’s on the Internet! See image E.

Or, if you’re scared, Press “Save Draft” and allow a moderator to make necessary changes or edits before it goes live.

(Image E) Step 4 & 5: Like writing an email! Press "Publish" when you're ready.

How to Add Images

Step 1: Click on the icon of the photo next to upload/insert.

Step 2: You will be taken to an “Add Image” screen. Select your image source.

Step 3: Select your thumbnail size (we recommend “medium”), caption if you want, and photo alignment, etc.

Step 4: Press the button “insert into post”

How to Set Featured Image

Step 1: Follow step 1-2 above.

This is the image that will appear on the main page of the website, so please use photos that look good as a square, if possible.

Inserting Photos/Setting Featured Images: You can keep everything as default if you want. Just press the buttons at the bottom.

How to Add Events

NOTE: This is ONLY for official JETAANY events.

Step 1: Scroll down until you see “Event Editor”

Step 2: Press the [+] button.

Step 3: Select the date and time. You can press the button marked “…” to use a calendar.

Step 4: The event category will now be checked and the event will be added to the calendar.

Event Editor: Add the dates and it'll handle the category for you!