JETAANY Photo Galleries

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JETAANY & USJETAA Private Reception @ Japan Society 6-25-2016

JETAANY 10+ Reunion

New York Times Travel Show

Artist Show Case at Consulate General Residence

2011 JETAANY 10+ Reunion

Education Industry Panel at JLGC

2011 Career Forum & Welcome Back Reception

JETAANY 2011 Softball Tournament

Japanese Heritage Night at Citi Field

New York Cares 2011

The Tea Gathering Event by MIE ~Photo by Tatyana Kildisheva

Sakura Matsuri at Brooklyn Botanical Garden

Japan A Mania ~Big Brother & Big Sister Organization

Hands on NY day

JETAANY Fundraiser at Slate (April 2011)

Ikebana Class

New JET Farewell Reception 2010

Soba Night with JET (June 15, 2010) also at

JETAANY Events by Mie

Robata-yaki Event (May 2010)

JET Alumni Author Showcase Photos

Photo-Op with JET Alumni Authors @ Kinokuniya (March 2009)

Philly Mud Shack Event (November 2008)

Newsletter Stuffing (November 2008)

Career Forum (October 2008)

JETAANY Softball (September 2008)

More softball pics from Monica

Bohemian Beer Garden (July 2008)

Pre-Departure Seminar (June 2008)

Karaoke Happy Hour at Japas 38 (April 2008)

Sake Tasting at Satsko (April 2008)

Monica’s Quarterly Meeting at Max Brenner Photos

Monica’s Meishi Exchange Photos

Justin’s Japanamerica Book Event Photos

Lee-Sean’s Shinnenkai 2008 Photos

Theresa’s Shinnenkai 2008 Photos

Holiday Happy Hour (December 2007)

Quarterly Meeting and Karaoke at Japas 38 (September 2007)

Happy Hour – Great Harry Bar, Brooklyn (August 2007)

Obon Dance Lesson (August 2007)

Reception at the Japanese Ambassador’s Residence (27 July 2007) Photos from Lee-Sean

Reception at the Japanese Ambassador’s Residence (27 July 2007) Photos from Carol

JETAANY Softball Tournament (21 July 2007) Part 1

JETAANY Softball Tournament (21 July 2007) Part 2

Bohemian Beer Garden (14 July 2007)

New JET Orientation (June 2007)

JETAANY Quarterly Meeting Karaoke (June 2007)

April Newsletter

JETAANY Officers Visit Japanese Embassy in Washington DC

Sakura Matsuri Brooklyn Botanical Gardens

Nihongo-Dake Dinner (April 2007)

JETAA Awarded by Japanese American National Museum

Sakura 2007

Happy Hour (April 2007)

Japan through the lens of JETAA – a photography contest

Gastronomic Discovery

Nihongo-Dake Dinner (February 2007)

Japan-a-Mania 2006