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$1150 Seeking dog-loving roommate to share beautiful 2BR! (Boerum Hill)

Created 13th May 2011 @ 03:45
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Posting for a co-worker.

Pics available at the link:

$1150 Seeking dog-loving roommate to share beautiful 2BR! (Boerum Hill)

Bedroom available in a beautiful, recently-refinished 2BR in Cobble Hill. Ideal for someone just moving to the city who doesn\’t want to buy a lot of furniture and wants to escape the craziness of Manhattan without sacrificing convenience. And of course, someone who loves dogs but doesn\’t want to own a pet outright — see more on this below.

So first, the space:

The bedroom in question faces the backyard, with two big windows. There\’s room for a full (and maybe queen)-sized bed, a desk, and a shelf, and my previous roommate kept her bicycle in there too, with room enough leftover to easily put down a Yoga mat. Sizable closet in the room, and then another one between the two bedrooms where you can put your luggage/coats/random stuff. The apartment was refinished the week before we moved in, and everything is still quite shiny, as you can see from the photos!

You wouldn\’t need any living room furniture (all the stuff pictured is staying put), plus there\’s a boatload of kitchen stuff so not much needed to be purchased there either, and you are most welcome to use my stuff. (I\’m not one of those people who expects you to mark food in the fridge.) There\’s a good possibility you can buy some furniture from my roommate who will be leaving as well, and if not, Ikea is a $10 cab ride away.

Second, the neighborhood:

Boerum Hill/Cobble Hill/Carroll Gardens is just amazing. Apartment is at on Butler Street, right by Smith, on the second floor of a well-maintained building with clean common areas; it faces away from the street and so is super quiet and you can hear the birds chirping and squirrels chasing each other. We are three short blocks to the F/G at Bergen Street, laundry in the apartment building we\’re in; supermarket two blocks away and Trader Joe\’s a 7-minute walk away. Yoga and gym are a quick walk away as well. It takes about 15-20 minutes to get to lower Manhattan, 25-30 minutes to midtown.

Third, the dog:

I have a very happy and people-loving Cavalier King Charles Spaniel named Momo. (See pic below. Though I will admit I am cheating a little bit because this is a photo the staff where I work took when she was still a puppy. She\’s filled out a bit but she basically looks the same!) She is tiny for a Cavalier (about 9 pounds) and is adorable. Not the sharpest tool in the shed by any stretch of the imagination, but she loves everyone and loves nothing more than to nestle up next to you on the couch and fall asleep and snore quietly. Or take walks with you around the neighborhood and get wildly excited chasing squirrels down the street. She\’s the kind of dog where you come home after a shitty day at work and she cheers you up because she\’s just so thrilled to see you.

The ideal set-up for me on whomever moves in would be that a) you not only tolerate dogs but really enjoy hanging out with them and b) you work different hours from me. My current roommate adores Momo and it has been fantastic jointly parenting the dog, especially since I got her as a puppy just a year and a half ago. I\’d love to find someone who works non-traditional business hours so that Momo has someone to hang out with at home during the day. It\’d be fine if you work from home too. Obviously this is not a pre-requisite to being my roommate, I\’m just laying out the ideal scenario — by all means shoot me a note even if you work normal hours. Liking dogs, though, is pretty non-negotiable given she\’s in and out of the living room all the time and I don\’t want to feel like she\’s a burden to whomever I\’m living with. I\’m half-Japanese so not causing burdens to people is really important to me!

Fourth, the details:

Rent for the bigger room is $1150 + half of utilities/hot water/internet (wireless already set up), which have averaged about $60-80 a month per person during three years I\’ve been here. (This is assuming the rent doesn\’t increase next year; I haven\’t yet had that negotiation.) First and last month are due upon signing the lease for the next year, starting July 1. I\’ve already talked to my landlord about finding a replacement roommate, so there wouldn\’t be a broker\’s fee (a big deal; we paid one when we moved in!). Please have good credit and some proof of salary. Looking for someone clean, responsible, and respectful — I\’m the same!

Thanks for reading!

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