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Room available in lovely 2BR Astoria apt near Steinway R/G/V stop

Created 25th August 2007 @ 23:30
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Looking for a roommate to share a railroad-style 2BR apartment a two or three minute walk from the Steinway R/G/V station in the Steinway section of Astoria, start date negotiable. Rent is $750 per month, security deposit required.

The apartment is in a two-storey building with great sunlight, high ceilings and wooden floors. Our rooms are on opposite sides of the apartment, which is a great setup for roommates because you can be social yet you’ve got your privacy and space when you want them. The kitchen is really large and spacious, great for someone who loves to cook (I do!) or laze about and enjoy the sunshine while sipping coffee and staring out the window on a Saturday morning. Your room is decently sized (about 10’x10’), looking over the backyard, and has a pretty large closet.

About me: I’m in my early 30s doing IT at a nonprofit in Midtown, friendly and outgoing but also need to regenerate with some alone time after working hard all day. I practice Japanese calligraphy so if you’re into Japan, we might have a lot to talk about. I’m a social drinker, a non-smoker and I like to party as much as the next person but generally don’t go overly crazy.

Who I’m looking to room with: someone who wants to make this a home, not just a place to crash. I expect that we will split cleaning duties fairly. Overnight guests are fine but not long-term-verging-on-third-roommate arrangements.

If you’re interested in learning more about this apartment then please reply to this post and we\’ll take it from there.

Hi Hikaruhana!

How are you? I saw your post and am interested in the apt. Are you willing to live with cats? Also, out of curiosity are you male or female? I am currently deciding whether I want to pursue job options here or in Tokyo but I am leaning toward staying in NYC. If you could get back to me when you have a chance I would appreciate it!

Thank you,

Stacy Smith
Kumamoto \’00-\’03

Hello there Stacy,

Sorry to say it, but the apartment\’s already been taken. Went pretty fast. Good luck with your search!

Hi I like to suggests you to search in the local yellow pages directory or real estate classifieds.

Stuart Denley

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