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Executive Board Officer Descriptions

Created 14th March 2016 @ 22:35
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The President serves as the chief representative of JETAA locally, nationally, and internationally. He or she provides general supervision of the business and affairs of JETAA, its officers, and chairs and serves as liaison with CLAIR and the Japan Local Government Office here in New York. In addition, the President is responsible for scheduling meetings, actively promoting and attending JETAA functions, and approving JETAA activities and publications.

Vice President
The Vice President provides assistance to the President as required. In the absence or disability of the President, the Vice President has the powers otherwise exercised by the President. The Vice President shall have an active role in ensuring that each chair is completing their requirements in a timely manner. Furthermore, the Vice President shall actively promote and attend JETAA meetings and functions.

The Secretary manages and provides information about JETAANY as an organization as necessary. They are responsible for the chapter\’s newsletter and keeps minutes of all official chapter meetings (for both executive officers and Board of Directors).

The Secretary composes and emails monthly newsletter announcements to membership, manages and moderates event and news postings to the JETAANY website and Facebook page, and updates membership databases as needed. Knowledge of MailChimp helps but is not necessary.

The Treasurer is responsible for all funds of the chapter. He or she maintains an accurate record of the chapter account(s) and provides documentation to the officers and members. The Treasurer will deposit and disperse funds in a timely manner. In addition, the Treasurer will assist the President in preparing and reporting grant proposals in accordance with CLAIR guidelines and regulations. The treasurer must submit federal and state taxes,

All officers help with planning JETAANY\’s signature events including: the Meishi Exchange Networking event, the Pre-Departure Seminar for leaving JETs, Career Forum for returners and career changers, the summer boat cruise, etc. At anytime Elected officers can call for volunteers to assit with with planning these larger events as well as our monthly meet-ups, Nihongo Dake socials, karaoke nights, yukata crawl, book club, running club, subchapter meetups, crafts and cooking nights, career-related programming and much more- depending on what you are interested in creating for your fellow JET alumni! We\’d also love people to help us with behind the scenes tasks like managing databases, grant writing, budgeting, designing programs, updating the website and social media, etc.

If you\’re interested in getting involved but you\’re not sure how, email

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