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Position in Japanese Stationary Retail

Created 26th October 2015 @ 21:13
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*Please note that this posting came from a Friend of JET. If you\’re interested in applying, please email and we can help you make a direct connection to the hiring manager. Gambatte!*

The job is a good opportunity to learn about retailing in addition to Japanese Stationary industry which includes following products:
Pens, gel based, oil based, roller ball, friction,
Pencils, wooden and mechanical
Notebooks: all imported from Japan
Fountain Pens: all imported from Japan
In this position, you will learn all aspects of running a retail store: Pricing, Ordering, receiving, inventory, sales, customer support and supply chain management. It is a special opportunity to learn about business.

Although most customers speak English, workers speak Japanese among themselves. Be prepared to read, write and speak Japanese.
It might be good opportunity to brush up on your Japanese language skills.

As an employee you will get discount on any purchase.
Requirements Job

Intermediate Business level Japanese Language: Reading, writing, speaking
28 hours a week, 4 days a week, Flexible.
Needed for immediate placement. Up to three positions.
Involves logistics, receiving, shipping, customer services, inventory, supply chain management, sales

1073 Ave of Americas , New York, NY 10018
At corner of 41 street. Across the street from Bryant Park.
New Times Square
Company info

NBC Stationary and gifts
Main office
When there are questions or more information is needed, please contact me.
Thank you.

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