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Brett Buzzini, Platform for President

Created 27th February 2008 @ 00:08
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Hello! First, a little about me:
I was an ALT in Osaka-fu from 2001-2004. Before that I studied Japanese and Japanese history at the University of Pittsburgh, my hometown. After JET, I returned to New York to attend graduate school at Columbia, where I earned my Masters in East Asian Languages and Cultures.

I currently work in the Political Section of the Japanese Consulate, and have interviewed the JET applicants for three years straight now. I care deeply about the JET program and about those returning from it also, and as president I would work to make JETs\’ return smoother and the New York area richer for their experiences.

I believe my education, experiences, and my current position in the Consulate, can help me to make JETAANY more effective and a stronger organization in the future. I believe the JETAANY can work much more effectively for its members, and as president I would like to work to make that happen.

These are a few of my ideas:

The JET program can be a great experience, but coming back to the US afterwards can be difficult. I want to work to help returning JETs transition back into life here in the US by expanding the annual Career Forum to include employers and headhunting agencies to go beyond just helping with resumes, to actually helping JETs get jobs once they are back.

As president, I want to also work on expanding native Japanese participation in the Nihongo-dake dinners, and think of more ways to improve (and maintain) the Japanese skills of former JETs. One possible way would be to leverage our association with the Japanese government and Japanese cultural institutions to gain discounts for formal Japanese lessons at Japan Society or other language learning centers. Working at the Consulate, I would be in a good position to lobby for such a plan.

I also want to step up JETAANY’s grassroots volunteer work. I believe that many JET returnees are eager to continue the work on internationalization they did in Japan, and as president, I would work to find opportunities here at home for JET alum to continue their volunteer service.

These are a few of my ideas for things we can accomplish. If you vote for me as president, I would work to implement them.

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