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Randall David Cook

Created 11th October 2011 @ 03:40
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I’m Randall David Cook, and I am running for a second consecutive term for the JETAANY Board of Directors. An ALT from 1991-1993 in Fukui-ken, I moved to New York City in 1996 and have been interviewing potential JET candidates each winter for more than 10 years, as I take the future of the JET Program very seriously. Three of the past four years I’ve also been the keynote speaker at the annual Departure Seminar for those fortunate candidates selected for the program, and that’s been a wonderful way to try to inspire the next generation of JETs as they begin the adventure that we’ve all already shared.

Originally from South Carolina, I hold a Bachelor’s degree from Furman University and an International MBA from the Moore School at the University of South Carolina, as well as a Business Language Diploma from the Alliance Française in Paris. I worked at Total S.A. (France’s largest petroleum company) in Paris and at Newsweek magazine and Thomson-Reuters here in New York before starting my own dog-walking business (The Zoo Crew) and dog-training organization (Big Apple Dog School) in 2002 and 2005, respectively. I started those two canine-related companies because the demands on my playwriting career started making my continuance in a corporate setting an impossibility, so entrepreneurship was the way to go as I braved the waters of an artist’s life.

Three years ago I served as moderator for the JETANNY author forum, which was a great pleasure and honor for me, as it highlighted the writing talent among our alumni. My writing is mostly focused on theater. In the past five years I’ve had two shows Off-Broadway and three major regional productions, and I currently have another show that’s being prepped for a run either on Broadway or Off-Broadway later this season or next.

Last summer, with the able help of producer and fellow Board nominee Amber Liang, I directed a reunion reading of my first Off-Broadway play, “Sake with the Haiku Geisha”, for the JETAA National Conference. It was a great privilege to be able to round up my friends and colleagues from the theater community in order to put on a first-class performance for the conference attendees and to properly represent the capabilities and creativity of our JETAA chapter in NYC. Much talent exists among our alumni.

The JETAANY Board of Directors is composed of enthusiastic and dedicated participants, and its strength is derived, in part, by the diversity of its members, and I do my best to bring my wildly varied career and experiences to the table in a way that is beneficial to the Board overall. Thanks in advance for your consideration.

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