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Megan Miller Yoo

Created 11th October 2011 @ 03:40
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Having served as an Executive Officer of JETAANY for four years and a Country Representative of JETAA USA for the past five months, I have a working knowledge of JETAANY’s needs as well as good relationships with key stakeholders and members in various chapters. I aspire to become a Board Member in order to help with the following initiatives:

1. Coordination of relief efforts that are currently underway to aid the victims in Japan through the JETAA USA Earthquake Fund, currently managed by JETAANY.

2. Development and implementation of a worldwide Member Database

Having been involved with coordinating the earthquake relief efforts of the 19 US Chapters over the past several months, I feel that I am particularly well-positioned to guide the Board of Directors in the management and oversight of the fund. I have a good working relationship with the existing Board Members, as well as with the executive leadership in the chapter. I also have operated a non-profit company, Charity Chic, for the past six years. Over that time the organization has raised close to $50,000 for children in Africa.

Furthermore, JETAANY is in the midst of developing a pilot database that we can later roll out to the rest of the chapters of JETAAi to finally have one source of information of JET Alumni that can be accessed by other alumni as well as Japanese governmental organizations. I would like the opportunity to see this pilot phase through to fruition and help with the rollout. As both Country Rep and Board Member I would be uniquely positioned to support this project.

Over the past four and a half years I have watched the JET Alumni Association blossom as an organization, as we have reached out to more and more former JETs who are impacting society. The quality and caliber of both our members and our events has exponentially increased as we continue to leverage technology to reach members in the far corners of the world and to work toward common objectives. With the recent devastation in Japan as well as the lingering threats to the JET program budget, I aim to work in conjunction with the JETAANY Board, CRs, JETAA members, AJET, and Japanese governmental organizations to demonstrate both our support of Japan and our collective value as former JET program participants with a lasting commitment to Japan. I am a firm believer that we are an enormous asset to Japan as well as US-Japan Relations and would relish the opportunity to continue to demonstrate this fact to the world

I kindly ask the elections committee and JETAANY to consider me as a candidate for Board Member, and genuinely thank you for this consideration.

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