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Jennifer Jakubowski

Created 11th October 2011 @ 03:38
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Little could I have imagined when my father’s job took our family to Nagoya in my 6th grade year of elementary school that, nearly three decades later, Japan would still be such an integral and beloved part of my life. Since my introduction to Japan through the eyes of a child, I have been fortunate enough to have experienced the culture as a university student living with a Japanese family in Tokyo, a JET participant in Hokkaido, a radio broadcaster for the Nagano Winter Olympics, a multiple-time enchanted tourist and, for the past decade, a professional here in the New York area working to bridge cultural and business differences in the Japanese-American business world.

It was with great pride that in recent years I founded Bridges to Japan (, a consulting group serving Japanese and American organizations doing business with one another. While it has been a continuous source of fulfillment in my life to engage with Japan through various professional channels and to have met with success in these spheres, I am now ready to engage with and give back on another level. I can think of no better way to fulfill this commitment than to serve as a member of the JETAA NY Board of Directors.

I have thoroughly enjoyed interviewing JET candidates the past several years in New York, appreciated every minute of both trips to Japan as a two-time JETAA essay contest winner, and always walked away from any JET or other Japan-related event anywhere with a smile on my face. But I am ready for more. The idea of engaging on a deeper and more influential manner in such spheres and channeling my expertise, experiences and energy towards the betterment of the relationship between Japan and the United States through a highly relevant and effective body such as the JETAANY Board of Directors appeals to me greatly. Given my broad and extensive experiences with various Japanese-American entities and individuals in the U.S. and in Japan, both professionally and personally, I believe I am ideally suited to offer valuable and unique perspectives as a Board Member on a host of related matters.

If you will allow me, I will serve you with the loyalty, integrity and energy that you would – and should – expect of a fellow, lifelong Japan lover and member of the JETAA family.

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