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Amber Liang

Created 11th October 2011 @ 03:34
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I am very excited to submit my candidacy for the Board of Directors of the JET Alumni Association of New York. Like many JET participants, I remembered my experiences on JET very fondly. So, upon my return from the JET Program, I immediately sought out a leadership role in JETAANY. Initially starting out as an event coordinator and eventually as the Secretary of JETAANY, I helped organize the very successful 2009 Author Showcase which featured prominent JET alumni writers, Roland Kelts, James Kennedy and Robert Weston. I later went on to also coordinate the Sake with the Haiku Geisha Play Reading written by JET alumnus Randall David Cook. These events and others like them epitomize my aspiration for future programming by JETAANY that heightens the visibility of our institution by bolstering the accomplishments of our membership. I’m eager to facilitate the executive committee in encouraging and strengthening the multifarious talents of our fellow alumni.

In creating the Peer Mentorship Program, I saw the opportunity for our membership to connect with each other in a consultative manner. The outpouring of support from veteran alumni toward their newly returned colleagues was truly incredible. In this spirit, I’d like to generate a wider array of networking and professional development activities not only for our membership to learn from each other, but from other organizations as well. Over the last couple of years, JETAANY has formed a prominent presence among other Japanese and like organizations. I’d like to take cultivate these associations in a mutually beneficial way; members can benefit by forming professional contacts and these organizations will have access to a pool of very qualified candidates for their company.

I also recognize that JETAANY is a social outlet for many of our members. I, personally, have created many lasting friendships with other JETAANY members. As such, I’d like to continue programming that allows members to create bonds with one another. This is done not only through diverse and engaging events, but also through more involvement from all our members. Events should not come exclusively through the executive committee, but all members should have the opportunity to take leadership in generating event ideas. For that matter, I’d like to have more overall input from our general membership. I want to advocate for more ownership and participation from all our members to create an improved and forward-thinking JETAANY.

JETAANY should be a resource for social, educational and professional support for all our members!

Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu!

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