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Steven Horowitz

Created 11th October 2011 @ 03:32
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Hi everyone! I am running for re-election to the JETAANY Board so that I can continue the work I\’ve been doing for over 10 years building and strengthening JETAANY as well as fostering increased collaboration with JETAA as a whole. In the wake of 3/11 as well as the increasing threat of budget cuts to JET and JETAA, it is more important than ever to continue to help JETAANY and JETAA step up and take on a greater role in demonstrating its value to Japan and to the Japanese people. In addition to my work with JETAANY and JETwit, I have been deeply involved in JETAA Conferences, the JETAA USA Fund Committee and in various other endeavors to help promote the survival and growth of JETAANY and the JET alumni community.

Steven was a JET in Aichi-ken, Kariya-shi, 1992-94

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