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Janelle Jimenez

Created 11th October 2011 @ 03:31
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I was a CIR in Shimane from 2005-2008 and have been an active volunteer and participant of JETAANY since I moved to New York in 2009. One of my first tasks was to volunteer as the new JETAANY Twitter manager. Later, I served as Secretary of JETAANY for the 2010 year. While Secretary, I used my interest in social media to make help launch a new website design, a mobile site, and boost our current social media presence. I was part of the planning for JETAANY\’s very successful charity auction after the Tohoku Earthquake/Tsunami.

Prior to moving to New York, I was a CIR in Shimane Prefecture from 2005-2008. While there, I was an event coordinator for the city and launched over 50 events in my three years—including a monthly cooking class and several annual events. I established and maintained the International Exchange Fund which allowed the office to augment the city budget and fund these many projects and events. As a CIR, my events were very popular with both the local Japanese and the JET community—in fact, despite the long hours, most of my volunteers signed up for the next event with enthusiasm. Perhaps this was because I was also very active in the community and people wanted to help me in return—I was a co-editor for the monthly magazine, the webmaster of the webpage, volunteer translator for various projects including the JAGS Art Exhibition, theatre productions, fundraising, and part-time cheerleader for other people’s events and projects.

As a member of the Board of Directors, I would continue to use social media to our benefit to attract and retain new members, and keep our events and activities well-advertised and promoted. I would tap into my existing networks in the local Japanese artist expat community to help create interesting new events and partnerships. Further, I plan to use my personal interest in tech and emerging technologies to try and find solutions to existing issues facing JETAANY, such as the membership database.

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