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“Ex-students Don’t Want JET Grounded” - Japan Times - 7/27/2010 -

“Does Japan Still Need 23-year old Exchange Program?”

The title of a recent article by AP reporter Tomoko Hosaka, which was also picked up by:

  1. Japan Times
  2. The Washington Post
  3. LA Times
  4. The Atlanta Journal Constitution
  5. Fox News (just so you know the story is fair and balanced)-
  6. The Canadian Press via Google –
  7. Business Week
  8. overly fatalistic headline considering the edited version of the original article they used)


The Mainichi Daily News:

  1. “Japan to invite 4,334 youths from 36 countries under JET program” (7/24/2010)

Japan Today:

  1. “Japan hopes to boost British JET numbers after 8-year decline”
  2. “Gov’t to cut program to promote Japan culture in Eastern Europe” (6/16/2010)
  3. “Japan urged to keep program to invite foreign language instructors” (6/13/2010)


“Hawaii Takes Action on Possible JET Program Cuts” - 7/14/2010 - Hawaii News Now -




“JET Program on the Chopping Block” by James Gannon - 7/3/2010 - -

“JET Program Allies, Alums Mount Petition Campaign” by Justin Tedaldi - 7/16/2010 - -


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MOFA State Secretary Mr. Koichi Takemasa’s comments upon meeting with JETAA members

“100 English Dreams” – a JET project by Christiana Aretta


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