Frequently Asked Questions


Who? What? When? Where? And Why?

When does someone become a member of JETAANY and how does that happen?
Simple. Once your contact information is received by JETAANY, you are considered a member. This only happens though, if you send it to us yourself! At this point JETAA chapters do not have a reliable system of tracking all those JETs returning to the US, nor do we have a way of keeping up with your information if you move. If you have just returned, or have recently moved, please send your name, address, email, years and location on JET, and phone # (if you’re so bold ;-}) to

This information is used exclusively for JETAANY and is not sold or given to any other organizations. We send weekly updates via email, and quarterly newsletters via post – no solicitations, get-rich-quick schemes, or telemarketing calls (promise!)

Who decides what events are hosted each year, and are they always the same?
Most of the annual events are decided on by the officers when they organize the yearly calendar. Usually they are based on what has been done in the past, but are not restricted to that. These events may change as demand from the members changes, however, just because an event occurred one year is no guarantee that it will happen the next! So, if you enjoy a particular event, lend us your support in volunteering some time to organize it. Or if you would like to suggest a new one, let the officers know your ideas and we’ll work together on creating something unique.

Why does NY have such a large membership and how can that support the organizations goals?
New York Chapter has the second largest number of members (next to Northern California). Our territory includes our Sub-chapter, Philadelphia, and all of those past participants now living in Eastern PA, NJ, CT, and all of NY State!

The largest concentration is among the 5 boroughs of NYC – about 50%

About 20% in NJ

10% in PA

5% in both CT and upstate NY

In order to support our goals of providing services to all of our members, we need your help! If you live outside of the city and would like to organize events for your area, let us know.the Japanese community would appreciate the outreach, and CLAIR would be impressed with our efforts.

If you live in the city you don’t get off as easily as you might think — we need your help, too! It is a common misconception that because there are so many of us here there is bound to be more than enough people volunteering to organize and participate in our events. Unfortunately, that has not always been the experience, and often we are over-stepping the bounds of those few dedicated volunteers who lend us their time. If you are pleased with the events that you attend or even if you find that they could be done better, please step up and offer your time and advice to making sure they are hosted (or not ;) in the years to come! The best way to do this is to participate in our monthly meetings, usually every first Tuesday of the month.

Meetings are usually held at the JLGC (Japan Local Government Center) 666 Fifth Ave (between 52nd and 53rd) beginning at 6:30 PM. Location and schedule changes and additional details will be provided in the weekly e-nouncements and on the website.

We do realize that some of you can’t make it into the city on a weekday evening, so we are prepared to address your contributions through email. Please refer to the contacts page for more details.

Why are so many JETAANY events held on weekday evenings?
This is tricky, and something that we are trying to be flexible with since we understand that some members cannot make it to these events. Unfortunately, the challenge with this situation is that JETAA does not have its own space for meetings and workshops. Instead we are graciously provided with the JLGC meeting rooms upon request these rooms, however can only be used when a JLGC member is present (Mon-Fri. evenings) and also when the heat or ac is running (not on weekends). So, we are very much limited in our capacity to host events at any other time. We welcome suggestions on alternate, inexpensive venues for our many activities!

Where does our budget come from and how much is it?
Our annual budget is provided to JETAANY by a grant-in-aid program sponsored by CLAIR. This money comes from the Japanese government, which is essentially collected as taxes from the Japanese citizens.

The amount we get is loosely based on the number of members that we have and varies slightly from year to year depending on exchange rates. It amounts to somewhere between $4,500-5,000 per year.

Which really isn’t a secret at all JETAANY is an all-volunteer organization created by the members, run by the members, perpetuated by the members for the members. It is a great way to remain connected to the enlightening, inspiring, amazing encounters you experienced in Japan. It exists only because of you, and all because of you.

Don’t hesitate to send them to me at:… I’ll be waiting!