Winners of the 2020 JETAANY Photo Contest

We’re very excited to announce the winners of the JETAANY 30th Anniversary Photo Contest. We received over 70 outstanding photos from our alumni, and we’d like to send a special thanks to EVERYONE who sent in a photo or two. We’d also like to thank everyone who voted, or even had a browse through the albums. (They can still be found here) We hope you’ve been able to enjoy a small dose of nostalgia, beauty, and culture of Japan along with us throughout the contest.

Culture: Zach Piper, Kochi-ken, 2001-04

Nature: Philip Walker, Nagasaki-ken, 2015-19
Places: Philip Walker, Nagasaki-ken, 2015-19
School Life: Cara Lam, Niigata-ken, 2016-18