7/7 Book Club: Haruki Murami x The New Yorker

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It’s been a while since we’ve read fan favorite Haruki Murakami. Since access to libraries, book stores and timely home delivery is limited at this time, we’ll tackle some short works available online. If you have access to The New Yorker magazine, read any or all of Murakami’s recent contributions here: https://www.newyorker.com/contributors/haruki-murakami. If you don’t have access, contact bookclub@jetaany.org and she’ll hook you up.

Scheherazade, Oct. 2014
Kino, Feb. 2015
The Wind Cave, Aug. 2018
Cream, Jan 2019
Abandoning a Cat, Sept. 2019
With the Beatles, Feb. 2020
Confessions of a Shinagawa Monkey, June 2020

While we usually meet in person over pizza, we’ll be gathering virtually for the time being. Feel free to eat and drink during the meeting.

NEXT UP: We will read Joe Ide’s IQ for August/September Book Club. Get a head start on procuring your copy!
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The JETAANY Book Club is open to anyone with an interest in Japan and a love of reading. Please join us for a casual, nonjudgmental discussion!

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Header Illustration by Emiliano Ponzi for The New Yorker, “Abandoning My Cat”