(3/31) Iron Chef: Gyoza Challenge

**JET Alumni Only Event**

Show off your skills in the kitchen and taste a variety of homemade gyoza! Teams of three JET alumni will compete in a friendly Iron Chef-style cooking challenge to see who can make the best gyoza. This event is the first of its kind and we hope it will turn into a series.


  • All teams should consist of 3 JET alumni members (only competitors can attend this event, there are no “taster” options!)
  • Teams will purchase their unique gyoza filling in advance, then mix, assemble and cook at the event!
  • $15 entrance fee per team


  • Teams will have 1.5 hours to fill, pinch and boil their gyoza
  • Each team must prepare 25 gyoza
  • We encourage teams to follow their own recipe for the gyoza filling. Stick with a classic recipe or get creative (jalapeno, kale, carrots…). The options are endless!
  • All attendees will taste and judge all the gyoza

Iron Chef – best all-around gyoza (size, shape, filling, texture, etc.)
Ichiban Oishii – best-tasting gyoza
Ichiban Omoshiroi – most unique (but still edible!) gyoza

Teams will be supplied with:

  • Pack of 4″ diameter round gyoza wrappers (see photo below)
  • Standard gyoza dipping sauce (but teams are welcome to make customized sauces)
  • Work station
  • Aprons
  • Mixing bowl
  • Portable stove to boil gyoza
  • Cooking utensils
  • Serving tray
  • Plates and utensils
  • Tea

Important Information:

  • Maximum of 8 teams consisting of 3 JET alumni — 6 individual slots are being held for people not on a team – 2 teams will be created at the organizers’ discretion
  • For safety reasons, all gyoza will be boiled, not fried
  • If you have dietary preferences/restrictions/allergies, this might be a difficult event for you as each team will be deciding their own ingredients
  • Be sure to arrive on time to hear instructions and have enough time to prepare and boil gyoza
  • Address of venue will be shared with registered guests

Contact Monica.Yuki@jetaausa.com

Sign up now as an individual or team

There will be a waitlist if all spots get filled 

Useful Tips:

Gyoza wrappers are standard size approximately 4″ diameter. Each team will get a pack.

There are many techniques on how to wrap a dumpling.  Check out this cute Mother/Son instructional video. Keep in mind we are only BOILING our gyoza.