JET Mothra Call For Stories: Share Your Best JET-related Tale on Feb 23 in NYC – DEADLINE Feb 7th – CLOSED

JETAANY Wants You and Your Stories!

Submissions are now closed. Thanks for your interest and see you at the Mothra!

JETAANY is excited to announce that sign ups are now open for its first-ever Mothra storytelling event on Saturday, February 23 in NYC. See details here.

Got a great story from Japan that you’ve been dying to share? Maybe it’s your favorite story and you’re ready to take it to the stage. JETAANY wants to spotlight you and your story, you just have to tell us about it!


Your story should:

  • Be original and a personal experience.
  • Be 5-10 minutes long.
  • Reflect our theme of “Beginnings/Leap of Faith.”
  • Have a JET Program element to it. That could mean that your story happened:
    • While on JET
    • Because of someone you met on JET
    • Because you did JET
    • In association with JET Alumni Association
    • Etc.
  • Not include profanity, vulgarity, explicit violence or sex, or anything illegal.
  • Only require yourself. 🙂 No notes or props are allowed as the stories will be told live and are as true as you remember them.

Please note that we can only accept 10 stories for the event, but even if you are not chosen, we may have other opportunities for your story.

Header photo by israel palacio on Unsplash