(10/3) JETAANY Recent Returner Debrief Hangout


When: Tuesday, October 3, 6:30pm-8pm
Who: JET alumni, especially recent returners
Where: TBD (check Facebook for updates)
Questions/RSVP: via Facebook, or e-mail Alex at careerdev[at]jetaany[dot]org

There is a lot of support for JETs while we are in Japan: JTE’s and Supervisors, AJET Block reps, local Ken reps, AJET and the AJET Peer Support Group, as well as the collective wisdom of all the sempai JETs in your area.

JET does a pretty good job of transitioning us back home and handing us off to your local alumni chapter, but rarely do we take the time to just think and talk about our time in Japan and debrief the whole experience. When people ask “How was Japan!?” (in a completely well intentioned way), “Good!” doesn’t seem to cut it.

This will be a casual get together to reminisce and reflect on our times in Japan and help contextualize it now that we’re back. Come talk, come listen, come hangout, just COME. The more we share our stories the stronger our network will be.