JET Predeparture Documents 2014

Thanks to all the JET alumni who came out present at the Pre-Departure seminar, and gambatte to all the new JETs.

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Omiyage Recommendations
Ask Your Predecessor
Upcoming July Events and JETAANY Contact Information

JET Job Skills
CIR Handout
Elementary School Handout
High School Handout
JET Job Skills Presentation (includes Elementary, JHS and HS)

Life as a JET
Handout Suburban JET

Small Group Discussions
Being a Minority- African American Handout
Being a Minority- Asian American Handout
Being a Minority- LGBT Handout
Being a Vegetarian in Japan Handout
How to Study Japanese Handout
Japanese Etiquette Handout
What to Expect Your First Few Weeks Handout
Travel in and around Japan Handout
Money Management Presentation
Money Management Handout
Women’s Issues Handout
Women’s Issues Presentation