JETAANY Quiz Night (12/2)

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Do you hunger to assert your intellectual superiority concerning all thing Japan, music, and cat-related? Does the thought of structured social events with clear beginnings, middles, and ends, both comfort and excite you?  Are you a nerd for cheap chicken wings and beer?

Mark your calendars, update your facebook events, and bring your thinking caps, December 2nd at 6pm to the “Super-Awesome-Fun-CLAIR-Approved-Pubtrivia-Name-Here Event”

Stone Creek Bar & Lounge
140 East 27th street (btwn Third and Lexington)

We have a private room in the back and for just a $5 minimum donation to Tohoku to play, you can enjoy a multi-media quiz game made by Greg “Black Stormy” Beck, complete with prizes!

Game starts at 7:30, and teams will be up to you, but team size will be determined by turnout, so the more who come, the more you can have on your team!

As a JETAANY event, Japan will be present in some way in every category, so if you can bring a Japanese friend, that may or may not help!

Stone creek private room stone creek front