(7/14) Send-off for the New Jersey JETs at Stuff Yer Face

The NJ Subchapter has planned a terrific event for sempai to answer the questions of the 2013 JET Programme participants, who will be leaving in July. The venue is New Brunswick favorite Stuff Yer Face, which is famous for its stromboli (sort of like a thinner calzone with lots of fillings options) and the fact that it’s where Mario Batali got his start!
Date: Sunday July 14th
Time: 2:30pm
Place: Stuff Yer Face (http://www.stuffyerface.com/)
49 Easton Ave, New Brunswick, NJ
RSVP: Email Beata Wilk at Kiba5401@gmail.com or on Facebook
Cost: Everyone will pay for their own food and drinks
Public transit nearby: New Brunswick station
– from New Brunswick station, it’s a 5 minute walk up Easton Street.
For those driving:
There are some directions on the restaurant/ bar webpage- or they can use google maps and list the destination:
Stuff Yer Face
49 Easton Ave
New Brunswick, NJ
There is no restaurant parking lot, but there is street parking.
For those taking the train:
From NY Penn Station to New Brunswick is about an hour ride (no transfers)  and the cost is $13.00 one way/ per person
Below is a list of three trains leaving NY Penn Station. The time on the left is the departure and on the right the arrival time in New Brunswick.
12:14 PM
Northeast Corridor #7841
01:14 PM 60 minutes
01:14 PM
Northeast Corridor #7845
02:14 PM 60 minutes
02:14 PM
Northeast Corridor #7849
03:14 PM 60 minutes
 For those in New Jersey- they can look up train times from their origin to New Brunswick at NJ transit- http://train NJ transit