New NHK English Language TV Channel in New York

NHK started broadcasting a free English-language TV channel 24/7 in the New York City area called NHK World TV. It will cover News, Life, and Style programs about Japan and Asia.  Make sure to check out Cool Japan and Journeys in Japan to revive those fond memories back on the JET Program

JETAANY member Scott Hiniker(Nagasaki’96-’98) has worked for NHK for the Japanese channel for 13 years and the new English-language channel is now a part of his job assignment as well.

Link to all the shows on NHK World TV:

It can be seen for free in NYC area on the following cable TV systems:
Time Warner Cable – New York City Channel#771 HD
Time Warner Cable – Bergen Co., NJ  #792 HD
Time Warner Cable – Hudson Valley, NY #792 HD
Verizon Fios NY & NJ #482
Comcast NJ #265

NHK World TV is also streaming for free at and there is a free iPhone App for watching on your phone too.

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Journeys in Japan: “English-speaking reporters travel around Japan, meeting the people, exploring the local culture, and offering travel hints rarely found in normal guidebooks.”

Go Kitchen Go!: “Chefs travel around Japan on Kitchen Car to meet farmers, fishermen and cook signature dishes with local ingredients to entertain the producers.”

Cool Japan: “Japan is cool. At least, many foreigners think so. Find out why as our weekly guests from overseas ponder over what’s “cool”.”