(1/12) Volunteer for Japan~a~Mania

Get involved and volunteer at JETAA’s annual event with Big Brothers Big Sisters of America where we spend the day showcasing Japanese culture to theNewYorkCity kids and their mentors. From trying on kimono, writing their names in Kanji to the infamous chopstick challenge, the event is a great chance to teach kids 7-17 about “cool”Japan.

Date: Saturday, January 12th.

What: a day of community service where JET alumni and friends showcase Japanese culture to kids with booths, prizes and performances.

Who: kids from 7-17 years old and their adult mentors.

Volunteer coordinator: Katrina Barnas kb2192@columbia.edu

We set up booths throughout the building. Kids get cards and need to go to each booth to get stamps and answer some basic questions aboutJapan. If they do this, they get a simple prize (donated by the Consulate – usually Japanese flags or chopsticks). We generally stop half way through for a performance of some sort. In the past we have had Japanese dance or karate. Karate seems to be the one that really draws people in but we currently do not have a dojo who has volunteered. Does anyone have one that they recommend we reach out to? Or maybe connections at Taiko drumming? Or instead of a performance we can do a massive game of karuta or other Japanesey thing.

Previous Booths

  • Pictures in Kimono/happi/yukata
    • Volunteer Skill: Putting on kimono, basic photography
  • Japanese games (Chopstick Challenge)
    • Volunteer Skill: Children control, can use chopsticks
  • Origami
    • Volunteer Skill: Origami, following instructions
  • Japanese writing
    • Volunteer Skill: Knows Katakana really well, Kanji would be great too!
  • Making onigiri
    • Volunteer Skill: Can make onigiri, handle rice cooker

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