KuroKiiro Festival in Pittsburgh

Join JETaa Pittsburgh at the annual KuroKiiro Festival in O’Hara Township.

KuroKiiro Festival, will be held November 16-18 at the Boyd Community Center in O’Hara Township. The event, themed as a bunkasai/Japanese school festival, is an educational and cultural all-ages event. Its aim is to introduce aspects of Japanese traditional and modern culture to an audience mainly familiar with Japan as it is portrayed in popular culture (such as anime, film, and video games). In the past, this event has drawn crowds of over 700. It is staffed and planned by volunteers and run by the Pittsburgh Japanese Culture Association, an organization in the process of applying for 501(c)3 status.

The culminating activity of the KuroKiiro Festival is the Carnival to be held Sunday, November 18 from 11 AM-4:30 PM. The Carnival is slated to feature games and a “freecycle” swap meet for Japan-related goods as well as crafts and demonstrations. Checkout the full schedule here: http://kurokiiro.com/index.php/panels-and-workshops.html

Date: November 16th-18th
Address: 1220 Powers Run Rd. in O’Hara Township
Website: http://kurokiiro.com/
Cost: Friday: $15
Saturday: $20
Sunday until 11:30 AM: $10
Sunday after 11:30 AM: $5