Calling all Nagasaki JET alumni in NYC

All Nagasaki JET alumni are invited to attend a special prefectural event.  The delegation from NagasakiPrefecturewill be hosting an evening event on Wednesday Sept 5th. The Governor, Speaker, a few members from the Assembly, and some officials from the prefectural government will be in attendance.  We would like to introduce some outstanding Nagasaki JET alumni so we can show how valuable JET alumni are even after they have leftJapan.  This is a free event for Nagasaki JET alumni.

Place: The Japanese American Association of New York
Date: Wednesday, September 5
Time: 7:30-9:30pm
Fee:  Free for Nagasaki JETs

RSVP to Ayuko Ono, Assistant Director

Please let include the following information:

1) city / town / village you worked as a JET

2) ALT / CIR

3) Current affiliation or occupation

4) Japanese conversation ability