Calling all Volunteers for JET Pre-Departure Seminar

It is that time of year when we have to prepare a new batch of JETs to start their journey inJapan.  We are calling upon our alumni to teach and share their experience to hopefully alleviate some surprises or embarrassing moments and make their time inJapansomething they will never forget.

The Pre-Departure Seminar is on June 30th from 10-4:30pm at the Nippon Club.  You only need to attend the sessions you are presenting.  We are having a presentation planning session on June 19th (not mandatory but highly recommended) at the JLGC.

We are looking for presenters on the following topics.  Please use the link to sign up.

  • Life as a Rural, Suburban, or Urban JET
  • JET Job Skills-Elementary/Junior High School,  High School, CIR
  • Being a Minority-Asian, African American, LGBT
  • Women’s Issues
  • Travel in and AroundJapan
  • What to expect your first few weeks
  • Money Management
  • Studying Japanese
  • Being vegetarian or dietary restrictions
  • Japanese etiquette


Questions please contact Kendall at