(5/5) Shorinji Kempo Workshop

When: Saturday, May 5th,  11:00 am – 12:30 pm

(One-hour workshop and mini socializing party after workshop with snack)

Where:  Chelsea Studios

(151 West 26th St, between 6th & 7th Aves,  6th Floor)

Cost: $20; RSVP HERE

Application deadline: May 2


Shorinji Kempo is a totally unique non-competitive Japanese martial way focusing on three elements; healthy mind, healthy body and effective self-defense. Shorinji Kempo was founded in 1947 by Japan’s Doshin So. Unlike most martial arts, it was not simply developed as a method of self-defense or for winning contests. It concentrates on mutual respect and understanding between training companions so that both parties enjoy the benefits of training and progress on the basis of mutual development. It is in this respect that Shorinji Kempo is unlike any other martial art or sport.


In December 1982, The Shorinji KempoNew York City Branch was officially established by former Branch Master, MiyataSensei who has 6th Dan,currently resides in California. Following his departure, Atsushi Ohashi wasappointed as the new Branch Master – becoming a Sensei. Ohashi Sensei was born in Hokkaido. He has been studiedShorinji Kempo since 1985 and holds the rank of 5th Dan Seikenshi. He moved toNew York in 1996 and been very committed to teaching Shorinji Kempo and hasheld numerous demonstrations at various New York City schools. For more information about the workshop, please feel free to contact JETAANY@mieinc.net


For more information: The Shorinji Kempo New York City Branch: http://shorinjikemponyc.org/index.html



Above events are produced by Mie Ikeda.