(4/21) Saori Zen Weaving Workshop

When: Saturday, April 21, 2012 4:30 pm – 5:30 pm

Where: 227 East 87th Street, Lower Level  (Between 2nd and 3rd Avenues)

Cost: $35 including material cost, RSVP via Paypal HERE and check out the Facebook RSVP HERE

Application deadline: April 18 (Maximum participation is 7)

Questions:  For more information about the workshop, please feel free to contact
Mie at JETAANY@mieinc.net.

Relax… this is Zen weaving. After you take a minute lesson of a SAORI loom, you can make an artistic tapestry only in an hour! SAORI Zen weaving is dedicated to self- discovery by finding one’s true identity as a creative individual. You can choose any yarns from our selection of 500 colors and textures. It’s easy and meditative weaving… with no mistakes. We use many recyclable materials with the “Mottainai” idea from Japan.

SAORI is a philosophy which encourages freedom of expression through true improvisation. In 1968 SAORI weaving program was founded in Japan based on this philosophy. It’s referred to by some as Zen weaving. Indeed, the SA of SAORI is the first syllable of the word SAI. SAI is found in Zen vocabulary. It means everything has its own individual dignity and the ORI means weaving. Yukako Satone founded Loop of the Loom, a SAORI certified weaving studio in 2005. Now it’s located on the Upper East Side where people gather from all over the world to express their own style in weaving.

For more information:
“Loop of the Loom” official website: www.LoopoftheLoom.com

Facebook: Loop of the Loom.


Above events are produced by Mie Ikeda.