JETAANY Donates $1750 to Live Your Dream: The Taylor Anderson Story

With proceeds raised from the Artists Showcase and recent Meishi Exchange, JETAANY is proud to be able to support production of Live Your Dream: The Taylor Anderson Story with a donation of $1750.

This film is a story about Taylor Anderson and all the young people who travel the world trying to make a difference.

As stories began to surface from the affected areas via the internet, Producer/Director Regge Life found an interest in telling the stories of the JET teachers who had lost their lives in the disasters.

“[Having met JET teachers in the course of previous film work,] I knew the dedication and the hard work that goes into being an assistant English teacher, but there was something special about Taylor’s story that touched me.  A passion and zest for the people of Ishinomaki where she was based, that not all teachers feel while in Japan.”

“Please join me in bringing this film to life.  Taylor’s legacy that continues in Japan and the United States will provide encouragement and opportunities for young people in both countries to look beyond the boundaries of their community, seeking to know more about the world and how interconnected we are.”

We encourage JETAANY members and friends to show their support for this project via Kickstarter. There’s still over a week left to donate.