(2/26) Haiku Workshop

When: Sunday, February 26th, 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm

Where:  (Registered participants will be contacted with the address)

Cost: $10; RSVP via Paypal HERE

Application deadline: February 23 (Maximum participation is 5)

 Questions?: Contact Mie Ikeda at jetaany@mieinc.net

Have you practiced your Japanese since you got back to the U.S.? This month we will compose Japanese Haiku, a traditional form of poetry. Haiku usually includes many themes related to nature, personal feelings or everyday things. The most common form is three short lines. The first line usually contains five syllables, the second one seven syllables and the last one five syllables. A Haiku must “paint” a mental image in the reader’s mind. This is the challenge of Haiku – to put the poem’s meaning and imagery in the reader’s mind in ONLY 17 syllables over just three lines of poetry!


New York Hakobune Haiku kai is a non-profit organization for enjoying Haiku with Haiku lovers. It was approved as the first non-profit organization of Japanese Literature Society in the United Statesin 1980 and has about 40 members in the USand overseas. The members meet once a month and compose their original Haiku. Mr. Tan-itsu Kimura, the chairman, and Ms. Tsukiko Kimura, the chairman’s wife, have compiled ‘Hakobune’, a monthly coterie magazine since 1968 and it reckoned in the world of Japanese Haiku. For more information: kimura575@msn.com.


Above events are produced by Mie Ikeda.