Call for JETAANY Executive Officer Platforms!

Are you interested in contributing your time to JETAANY? We are approaching another JETAANY fiscal year and another executive officer appointment season and the JETAANY Board of Directors is accepting platforms from members interested in serving as an executive officer. In accordance with our bylaws, the selection of executive officers will be made by the Board of Directors based on the platforms that are received.  As always, the President, Vice-President, Treasurer, and Secretary roles are those seats that are open to interested members. Position descriptions are online at  Officer positions are held for one year starting April 1 and ending March 31 the following year.

The approximate time line for the election process is as follows:

February 24: Platforms Due

March 1-15: Platforms are evaluated by Elections Committee

March 16 – March 19: Confirmation of Votes by Board of Directors

March 20: Results Announced via Email

April 1: Position Term Begins

If you wish to be considered for a JETAANY executive officer position, please send your platform to by February 24, 2012.  Your platform will be reviewed by the elections committee and selections will be made by a vote of the Board of Directors.