Battenkai New Year Party – Sunday, Jan 15th @ Japanese American Association

The  Kyushu Battenkai invites members of JETAANY for their annual Shinnenkai (New Year’s party) on January 15th.  They will be having musical performances and Mochi pounding in addition to the food and drinks.  Enjoy fresh mochi, and beer sponsored from Kirin. This is a great opportunity for JETs who have lived in or traveled to Kyushu to meet Japanese expats from the area and reminisce about their time in Southern Japan (though all JET alums are welcome)!

Also, this will be a Nihongo Dake Shinnenkai Event!  Any and all speakers of Japanese who want to keep up their skills are fully encouraged to join (all levels welcome)

Date: Sunday, January 15th

Time: 11:00 am – 2:00 pm

Place: Japanese American Association

Address: 15 W 44th ST. (11th Floor)

Fee: JETAANY Members $25

Sponsor: Kirin Beer

RSVP and Pay


Questions: Kendall