(1/22) Experience Nihon Buyo, Japanese Classical Dance

When: Sunday, January 22nd,  2:00 pm – 3:30 pm

Where: Ripley Studio (131 West 72nd Street, New York, NY)

Cost: $20 (RSVP via Paypal HERE)

Application deadline: January 19th

Questions: Contact Mie Ikeda at JETAANY@mieinc.net
Japanese classical dance, Nihon buyo, is a performing art that grew out of and is very
similar to the dance of Kabuki, known for the stylization of its drama and the elaborate
make-up worn by some of its performers. This Japanese classical dance can be performed
by either men or women. We will join the class wearing a Japanese Yukata (summer
kimono), provided during the time of the lesson.

IchiFuji-kai Dance Association performs and teaches Soke Fujima dance, an elegant 300-
year-old traditional Nihon buyo still being performed today in Kabuki theatres. IchiFuji-kai
has been the New York branch of the Soke Fujima-ryu for 50 years. The main instructors
are Fujima Konishiki, Fujima Nishikino, Fujima Nishikiyo, and Fujima Nishiki-mie. For
more information: http://www.ichifuji-kai.org/

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