(11/19) Let’s Experience and Learn Kendo!

When: Saturday, November 19, 3:30 pm – 4:30 pm

Where:  Jan Hus Presbyterian Church (351 East 74th Street between 1st and 2nd Avenues, 5th Floor, New York, NY)

Cost: $20 RSVP via Paypal HERE 

Application deadline: November 17

Questions?: Email Mie at JETAANY@mieinc.net


Kendo means “the way of the sword.”  It is the oldest and most respected Japanese martial art. Modern Kendo with its grace, manners and athleticism, is the sport that has evolved from this 2,000year-old tradition of Japanese swordsmanship. Also it is a balanced exercise that coordinates foot, sword, body, breath, and voice. We will take a beginners class with a bamboo sword “shinai”. Make sure to wear workout clothes.


Mr. Noboru Kataoka began the study of kendo at age of 15 in Kochi, Japan, and moved to the USAin the 1970’s, and then started NYC Kendo Club.  In 1993, he placed 1st in the Beikoku All U.S. Kendo National Individual Tournament, and at the 1993 Canada-USA Kendo Tournament. In 1994, he won 1st place in the Good Will Division at the International Kendo Championships in Paris, also placed 1st in teams at the Toronto Kendo Tournament. He currently holds the rank of 7th Dan. More information; http://www.nyckendo.com/


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