Let’s make Eco Zori

When: Saturday, October 22 1:00 pm – 3:30 pm
Where: D2NY Design (213 E. 11th St., New York NY)
Cost: $35, prepay on PayPal
Must bring: 4 old T-shirts and a pair of scissors (to cut fabric)
Application deadline: October 20
Participant number: Minimum is 2 and maximum is 6.

Zori are flat and thonged Japanese sandal made of rice straw or other plant fibers, cloth, lacquered wood, leather, rubber, or—increasingly—synthetic materials. It’s quite similar to flip-flop. This time we will make nuno zori, cloths room zori. It’s washable and keeps your room and toes clean. Bring your disposable t-shits only!

The instructor of zori making class, Ms. Anna Aoki, moved to NYC in 1999 and studied sculpture four years at the National Academy of School of Design. Meanwhile she got a certificate of metal clay at PMC Connection. In 2002 she launched her design office D2NY Jewelry and teaches Japanese craft class. Eco Zori offers classes for beginners, intermediate and advanced level students. More information http://www.d2nyjewelry.com/

For your reservation, please prepay on PayPal and feel free to contact JETaaNY@mieinc.net with questions.

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