(9/24) Tea Gathering ~Special Japanese tea ceremony event~

When: Saturday, September 24 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm

Where: (Registered participants will be contacted with the address)

Cost: Free!

Application deadline: September 20 (Limited seats)

The Tea Gathering will be held in the modern Ryurei style tea ceremony, a relaxed procedure where both host and gust are seated on chairs. We hope that this relaxed format will give you in New York a taste of Omotesenke Chanoyu. 

Omotesenke school of tea was established by Koushin Sousa (Kōshin Sōsa) (1613-72) who also inherited the teahouse named Fushinan. Chanoyu is one of the Japanese words usually translated “tea ceremony.” It literally means “hot water for tea,” but within that simple phrase is found almost a thousand years of Japanese history in the study and discipline of making and serving tea, also it designed to create the most harmonious, elegant, and yet efficient means of serving tea to guests.  

For your reservation, please feel free to contact JETaaNY@mieinc.net  


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