Volunteer translators needed for JET alumni Japan disaster relief project

We may need a team of professional-level translators to help with an upcoming JET alumni project related to disaster relief efforts inJapan.  Timing would likely be late September and October.

If interested, please e-mail Steven at jetwit [at] jetwit.com with “Translator” in the subject heading.  No commitment necessary right now.

Reminder:  You can also click here to join the JET Alumni Translators & Interpreters LinkedIn group.


Apologies for lack of detail at this point as the project idea is still in the process of being thought through by a couple JET alumni well-placed to set this up.

But the idea, generally speaking, relates to the fact thatJapan’s non-profit/civil society sector and culture tends to be less established compared to that of theU.S.  In the wake of the Tohoku earthquake/tsunami, many new Japanese organizations have formed and many existing small ones have taken on new roles and responsibilities.

One area they apparently tend to lack is familiarity with grant seeking and applying for grants.  There are a number ofU.S.foundations and other organizations that have been raising money but have struggled in trying to figure out how to get it to the organizations that could really use it.  Part of the obstacle appears to be the grant making process.  Grant making organizations tend to need to track and account for how money is doled out and used.  And the application and reporting process are key.

Translation of many of these documents into English would of course be a key step for helpingU.S.organizations in their efforts to communication with Japanese grant seekers.  And this is of course a potentially significant way for the JET alumni community to continue to serve as a bridge toJapan.