(6/25) Calling All Recent Returnees: Volunteer to Present at Pre-Departure Orientation and/or Organize Newbie Events!

The next batch of JETs will be leaving New York for Japan in just a few weeks. We need the help of a few stellar volunteers to present workshops or lead discussions at our Pre-Departure Orientation as well as to organize two fun events to help newbies get to know one another (and us) before they head off to Japan. It’s a great way to feel natsukashii about our JET experience and remember how excited we were to start JET!


What: Pre-Departure Orientation
When: Saturday, June 25th @ 10 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. (presenters would only be needed for a portion of the day)
Where: The Nippon Club
Cost: Your valuable time and effort! Please note that you will give your “practice presentation” at the 6/15 Quarterly Meeting- so please mark your calendar for this too!
How to Volunteer: Email Kendall Murano at vpjetaany-at-gmail-dot-com  if you are interested in presenting on one of the following topics: Life as an Urban JET, JET Job Skills (ALT and CIR), Being a Minority in Japan, Women’s Issues, Travel in and around Japan, What to expect in your first few weeks, Money Management, Studying Japanese in Japan, Being a Vegetarian in Japan
We also need organizers for the following events for leaving JETs:
- A Lecture, Demonstration and Tour at Urasenke Tea House and Garden on the Upper East Side on Wednesday July 6th or 13th in the afternoon
– JET-Vet Mingling Event (a social event for new JETs to meet old JETs and ask questions) on any weekday in mid-July- it’s up to the organizer(s) to pick the location and date
How to Volunteer: Email Pam Kavalam at secretary@jetaany.org if you are interested in organizing either of these sessions. We can help with planning but this is a great opportunity to get more involved!