(6/14) June Book Club – Woman on the Other Shore

When: Tuesday, June 14th @ 7:00 p.m.

Where: The Flatiron Building (1 E. 23rd St @ 5th Ave)

Cost: A nominal cost  (for refreshments)

RSVP/Questions: Email  jetaanybookclub@gmail.com to RSVP.


Just in time for summer beach reading, the book club will be reading Woman on the Other Shore by Mitsuyo Kakuta. Here is a synopsis from Barnes and Noble: “This compelling novel, widely acclaimed for its perceptive portrayal of the everyday lives and struggles of Japanese women, struck a deep chord with readers throughout Japan. Sayoko, a thirty-five-year-old homemaker with a three-year-old child, begins working for Aoi, a free-spirited, single career woman her own age who runs a travel agency-housekeeping business. Timid and unable to connect with other mothers in her neighborhood, Sayoko finds herself drawn to Aoi’s independent lifestyle and easygoing personality. The two hit it off from the start, beginning a friendship that is for Sayoko also a reaffirmation of what living is about. The book touches on a broad range of issues of concern to women today, from marriage and childrearing to being single and working for oneself. It is a universal story about both the fear and the joy of opening up to others.”