2nd Japanese Heritage Night at Mets Citifield

Via request of the Consulate General of Japan in New York:

2nd Japanese Heritage Night at Mets Citifield

Please let your members, colleagues, friends and family know that the 2nd Japanese Heritage Night at Mets Citifield will be held on Tuesday June 21st, 2011 when the Mets play the Oakland As with  Hideki Matsui in attendance. This is a fundraising event – a portion of each ticket sold through our group will go to Japan relief efforts.

We will be sending out information about Group Sales as soon as the site is set up but this year, seats in three price categories will be grouped together:

  • Baseline Box Silver seat =$54.00
  • Pepsi Porch seat = $32.00
  • Promenade Reserved Infield seat = $19.00

While we understand that not all of you are Mets fans, the Yankees do not provide a Heritage Night and we wanted to have a community event where Japanese and Japanese Americans and all those interested in “things Japanese” could get together and have a good time. We look forward to everyone’s participation again this year.

Last year 400 tickets were purchased. This year, let’s aim for 1,000!

If you are interested in helping out, please contact our organizing committee co-chairs: Ann Harakawa (aharakawa [at] twotwelve.com) or Marianne Yoshioka (mry5 [at] columbia.edu).

Thank you!!

Organizing Committee

Ann Harakawa, Marianne Yoshioka, Gary Moriwaki, Susan J. Onuma, George Hirose

Advisor: Donna Tsufura