Japanese Pottery Workshop (3/19)

Japanese pottery is amongst the oldest in the world. Join us as we learn more about Japanese pottery, and have the chance to throw (aka make) a little something to take home!

When: Saturday 19th from 12:00 pm – 1:30 pm
Where: Togei Kyoshitsu (5 West 30th street 3rd Floor New York NY 10011)
Cost: $30 (including lecture and material fee)
Application deadline: March 15, 2011 (Maximum participation is 10)

Japanese pottery, one of the country’s oldest art forms, dates back to the Neolithic period.

There are four main types of pottery in Japan; earthenware, unglazed stoneware, glazed pottery and porcelain. The majority of pottery made in Japan was made for utilitarian reasons, though it still manages to be quite beautiful. Pottery is an ancient art that has grown more sophisticated and refined with the perfection of porcelain ware.

New York Togei Kyoshitsu gives JETAANY members the chance to create pottery with your own hands. They were established in 1994, and bring same aesthetics taught in Japan to New York. Ceramics helps relax your mind and body, and also expand your sense of creativity. New York Togei Kyoshitsu holds the pottery regular class in New York. More information; http://www.nytogei.com/

If you have any questions about the event, please feel free to contact JETaaNY@mieinc.net

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