Calling all Kyushu JETs and fans of Kyushu!

NYC’s very own Battenkai, or gathering of Kyushu-jin, will be holding a shinnenkai to mark the Year of the Rabbit! This exciting event will feature laughter yoga, a shamisen performance and a fabulous raffle. Please join us for this fun night and looking forward to seeing you all there! See below for details (for those who want to read the original Japanese message, please click here

★ Open to anyone born in or who has connections to Kyushu, as well as those interested in this region.

Date: January 5, 2011 (Tuesday)

Time: 7-9 pm

Location: Japanese American Association of New York (15 W. 44th Street (11th floor)

Cost: Adult = $35, Student = $20, 11 and younger free (includes food/drinks; pay in cash on day of)

☆ Please click here to sign up! (This page is in Japanese, and it asks you to put your name in the first column, your phone number/email address in the next, and in the third column a password of your choice that will enable you to change your entry should you need to. When you are done with all that, click the gray button in the last column that says 登録する (touroku suru) or register.)

Please feel free to contact me if you have any trouble: Stacy Smith (, Kumamoto ’00-’03