Reminder: Board of Directors Elections!

Have you voted yet? The Election for Board of Directors is on-going, so please take a moment to vote! There are 5 candidates running for the 4 open positions on the Board of Directors. Platforms for all 5 candidates can be found here (PDF download).

Voting takes place electronically, all JETAA NY members received a ballot via email on Thursday, October 14. Please contact if you did not receive a ballot, or would like to have your ballot resent. Voting only takes a minute, please click the link in your email and vote now.

More information about the Board of Directors:

JETAANY is a 501(c)(3)nonprofit organization and hence requires a Board of Directors. Overall governance and guidance of the organization lies in the hands of the Board, which also serves to advance the organization’s mission and provide a platform for ideas for the executive committee. The Board of Directors is comprised of a group of experienced former JETs and one non- JET, all who have a keen interest in the continued success of the JET Program and JETAANY. The Board is distinct from the executive committee, which is the group of individuals who run the day-to-day activities of the organization. The President of JETAANY is the only executive committee member to sit on the Board of Directors and is responsible for reporting on the overall activities of the organization on a quarterly basis.The Board is comprised of ten individuals who serve for two years, currently 4 positions are open.