2nd Shorinji Kempo North American Taikai

What: A day of demonstration and competition to show case Shorinji Kempo
Where: 55 Lexington Avenue, Baruch College Gymnasium
Admission: Open to the public, $5

Shorinji Kempo is a totally unique non-competitive Japanese martial way, designed to help practitioners realize their potential, by exercising three elements; healthy mind, healthy body and effective self-defense. The system is based around realistic, challenging and enjoyable training, incorporating punches, kicks, blocks, locks and throws combined with seated meditation, philosophy and remedial massage. Practitioners work in harmony with others creating confident well-intentioned individuals that will leave a positive effect on society.

Message from a member:


During my stay in Kanazawa I was introduced to a very interesting Japanese martial art called Shorinji Kempo. I’ve been practicing for over ten years now at our New York branch.  On September 5th, 2010 we are having our first taikai in New York.  Shorinji Kempo, while technically is a martial art, is focused on making strong leaders who can help create a peaceful society.

– Steve

For more information:  www.shorinjikemponyc.org