Japan Day (Volunteers Needed!)

Japan Day 2010 is upon us on June 6, 2010! Keep your eyes out on the Japan Day website (www.japandaynyc.org) for information on performances, musical acts, and other events.

JETAANY has been asked to assist with Japan Day this year. If you’re interested in getting involved with this special opportunity, please read on. If you’ve been itching for a volunteer opportunity, like children, or just want to have something to do for a few hours, please read on!

What: YoYo Fishing at Japan Day

When: Sunday, June 6, 2010 (three shifts to choose from, see below.)

Where: East Meadow, Central Park

Volunteers will be manning the YoYo Fishing booth, a popular matsuri children’s game. Last year hundreds of kids came to play and really enjoyed it. Volunteers will be alternating between explaining the game and helping to prepare the water balloons. There are three shifts: Morning (10:00-13:00), Afternoon (13:00 – 16:00), and Clean-up (16:00-18:00). Please note the Clean-up shift is only two hours long: the first hour is assisting, the second hour is helping to clean up. Please enjoy the festivities before/after your shift. ^_^

Here’s wikipedia’s explanation of the game:

“Yo-yo balloons are a common type of water balloon found at matsuri festivals in Japan. Typically small, round, and colourful, the balloons are filled with 1/10 of water and hung from a rubber band. This gives them enough weight and bounce to function as a yo-yo, earning them their name. The balloons are often won in a game where they are set floating in a tub of water, with an elastic band and a paper clip affixed to one end. Players “fish” for the balloons with another paper clip attached to another rubber band, or (more commonly), a twisted “line” of paper, which they then try to hook through the paper clip of the desired balloon.As the paper line breaks easily, the game is often likened to goldfish scooping in terms of difficulty.”

If you can’t help out at the booth on Sunday, but would like to volunteer your time somehow, we will be making koyori (the “fishing lines”) on either Thursday or Friday at the JLGC (3 Park Avenue). If you would rather help with that, please let us know.

If you are interested in helping, please email Janelle Jimenez (secretary@jetaany.org) with your name, the shift you’d like, and/or whether or not you can help out to make koyori. The deadline to sign up is May 17th.